• Dr. M. G. Vaidyan, Deputy Managing Director, State Bank of India
    Everything in the days to come will be technology driven. There will be no need to visit the branches at all. Register Now
  • Abhishek Malhotra, Partner, Asia Pacific, A T Kearney
    Promises are being made, sometimes revolutionary and sometimes evolutionary, but we will get there one way. The time to take rural markets seriously is here.Register Now
  • Vibhu Arya, Head Strategic Partnerships, Snapdeal.com
    We initially thought that you could sell rural consumers a brand that is not very well known. However, people in rural India are very aspirational, and they want the best brands, just like consumers in urban areas. So we have to keep this in mind and offer them familiar brands, but at lower price points. This ensures they stay interested and competitive prices act as a hook for them.
  • Rahul Saigal, President, Geometry Global
    You don’t have to always think like a rural consumer to come up with an idea that is relevant for the rural consumer. We are all humans, and all of us think similarly, we behave and react very similarly to a specific type of input or stimuli. We try to change how people behave, and that is why we sometimes see campaigns struggle in rural India.Register Now
  • Dr Anuja Agarwal, Associate Dean - Rural Management, Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool)
    Because of the information age we live in, there are no more geographical boundaries and aspirations have increased. If you look at an internet access map, rural India does not look much different from urban India, and that is now a reality of our time.Register Now


KV Sridhar
Chief Creative Officer, SapientNitro, India
Nilesh Mazumdar
CEO of Consumer Business Division and Food & Speciality Division of Ruchi Soya Industries
Samir Bangara
Managing Director of Qyuki, a digital broadcast network for youth (MCN)
Vivek Agrawal
Group Executive President & Chief Marketing Officer with UltraTech Cement, a USD 3.5 billion company
Chetan Gore
Personal Care for our Indian business in Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL)
Prakash Bagri
Founder & Principal of PRB Partners, a management advisory firm
Anupama Ahluwalia
Chief Marketing and Customer Services Officer for Reliance Retail
Prashant Mandke
Vice - President heading the Rural Marketing Unit @ Madison World